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Album of the Week: 'Melby' - 'None of this makes me worry'

We just have so many really good album releases from the last 2 weeks to cover, so we'll try and keep our reviews succinct, and we'll start with a release which is already a real favourite even though it's only been out for a short while. 'Melby' are from Sweden and their release through Rama Lama Records is a nonchalant journey into a psychedelic Indie Pop world where everything is easy on the ear, melodically appealing and always varied and interesting.

They're a 4 piece band who've made an impression since 2016 when they released 'Human' as a single, and after coverage in international music blogs and on radio they established themselves further with European concert dates, some impressive further single releases and now finally a full album release entitled 'None of this makes me worry' - which was recorded quickly in an attempt to keep it as close to their natural live sound as possible. And they've done a pretty convincing job in giving the album an organic feel, which I'd certainly love to hear live - they're more than welcome to come to Manchester.

The album opens with a real favourite, 'VCR' which just gently eases in with the most laid back psych guitar and bass, before Matilda Wiezell’s vocals are introduced, and they have this dreamy spaced out lilt which is just immediately endearing. 'Reject' has a more conventional Indie feel, and it reminds me slightly of some of the UK / US bands I was so influenced by some 25 years ago - somewhere perhaps between Echobelly and Lush, 'Stress' however strips the pace out of the music completely, and it has a soft gentle melancholy feel with a lovely engaging tune.

I really like the soaring vocal melody in 'Always' which disappears away in a direction that I wasn't quite expecting, and at close to 6 minutes it's a weighty track too, whilst pre-Album single 'Overthinking' is still an absolute highlight - it has playful harmonies that will stick in your mind all day, and I just love the joyous guitar line that lightens everything up, it's such a darn cool song. 'Merit' again takes the pace down, and Matilda Wiezell's vocals weave a soft and enchanting spell, whilst the album finishes with the darker 'Stalker', a blues style track which just builds and builds with intensity until it thumps it's way to a conclusion.

In a world where everything is so rushed and stressful, 'Melby' in the perfectly titled 'None of this makes me worry' have the perfect anecdote, a an easy going surfing style trip where everything is cool, collected and total insouciant. Throughout Matilda Wiezell’s voice is just delightful, and they're backed up by melodically teasing guitars and warm tuneful choruses. With such a variety of folk, pop and psych influences too, this is surely an album which will appeal to pretty much everyone, and similarly to 'The Wit' (which everyone has loved) it's strength lies in the collective depth of the album with hardly a weak track. 'We really recommend 'None of this makes me worry'.

Nordic Music Review 8.5/10

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