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Introducing...'Astral Brain' with track 'From Above'

We were going to try and finish our Ida Wenøe album review tonight, but we’ll take the weekend to complete that, and instead bring the week to a conclusion with a new band that only came to our attention in the last few days. 'Astral Brain' are from Sweden and comprise 2 musicians who’ve joined together after years playing in their own projects, and the result is a bubbling, delightful debut release with irresistible vocal melodies - I’ve been listening to this continuously all day.

Einar Ekström (previously of Le Futur Pompiste) founded the band, but it was after meeting with Siri Af Burén (Testbild!, Band In Box, Vit Päls) in 2015 that things took shape, as it’s her vocals and lyrics which have been added to the songs which Einar had been working on for a few years. The first track has been released entitled ‘From Above’, and its an interesting fusion of Electro and Dream Pop, but it’s the mix of rhythms, drums and percussion beats which are the highlight and will have you dancing around the house. Vocally there are shades of Melody’s Echo Chamber and maybe even The Mummers’, as Siri Af Burén carves out a delicious tune, and the result is an interesting and slightly unusual song.

Take a listen to ‘Astral Brain’ here:

Anyway although 'Astral Brain' are so new that they’ve hardly had any attention yet (which will soon change I’m sure), it’s great to see that our friends literally just down the road at Cannock Chase radio have already given them some airplay. We’ll definitely be keeping a look out for future releases.

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