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'Moon Loves Honey' - 'Oceanbird' (video)

We have an 'Ida Wenøe' album review coming later today, but firstly we just wanted to write about another Danish project 'Moon Loves Honey', who've released a lovely video to a track called 'Oceanbird'. Similarly to one of Ida Wenoe's tracks in particular this has really reminded me of 'my favourite place' (a tiny beach in Devon where can only be accessed via foot..) and there's a lovely animated video that tells the story behind it - in this case the escape to the coast of Aarhus by a young glassblower.

'Moon Loves Honey' are a dream pop band we haven't featured before, they're from Aarhus and behind the project is musician Jeppe Dengsø, who writes the songs. They released an album entitled 'You Drift Away from Me' last year, and they also have an EP called 'Apart' which is worth checking out fi you have chance. The new single and video 'Oceanbird' comes from a series of collaborations that he's doing with directors from around the world - this one with Camille Alméras, who has a string of amazing projects behind me. There's also a video by Julien Piau to their track 'Every Night and Day' available online too.

Musically 'Oceanbird' is a swirling array of synth and guitar sound, it has a gentle trippy melody and this is music to get completely lost in - although it did take a couple of listens before I really appreciated it musically. And the video is just so clever and touching, take a look here:

You can find out more about 'Moon Loves Honey' on Facebook, Instagram and even on Twitter here:

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