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'Hökartorget' - 'Kasta in handduken' (from new album 'Idioterna vinner')

Hopefully we'll have an album review landing later, but here's a band we haven't featured before, but write pretty timeless Indie Pop, and indeed they've been around since 2008, so they have a pretty established reputation for doing exactly that. 'Hökartorget' are a 5 piece band from Sweden, and they hail from the beautiful looking Dalarna in Sweden, a place if I recall we have mentioned before as multi-instrumentalist 'Helga' is based there too.

Anyway these guys have a rich catalogue of previous releases to get stuck into, but they have also just released a brand new album entitled Idioterna vinner (I'm pretty sure that translates to 'The Idiots Win') and from it we'd suggest you add 'Kasta in handduken' (Throw in the Towel) to your latest playlists, an upbeat classical style indie pop track, with an addictive melody and an entertaining mix of guitar lines. Vocalist Karlina's vocals are a delight, adding both character and bundles of enthusiasm to the song too. Other highlights from the album include 'Bli Kvar' and a nice track to conclude the album entitled 'Sluta slåss', with added string arrangements, harmonies and suggesting a folk influence probably in keeping with their home towns musical heritage.

This is 'Kasta in handduken':

Check them out on Facebook or on Instagram, and even on Twitter.

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