• Andy Wors

'Minru' - 'Yearnings' (EP)

Regular readers will remember that we wrote about 'Minru' in March, the project of musician and producer Caroline Blomqvist, whom also plays in the excellent 'Tuvaband'. She writes her music from her base in Berlin, although she originates from Sweden, and as we suggested was about to happen in our previous feature, she released a new EP in April, which we're delighted to finally give some coverage.

'Yearnings' is that 2nd EP, following on from her 'Hunter & Prey' release back in 2017, and it's another sensitively written set of tracks, written in a style which seems to appeal to me right now - thoughtful alternative folk influenced music, without any pretension or fanfare, sometimes melancholy, sometimes uplifting, and which sounds particularly lovely if turned up fairly loud on multiple speakers around the house, so that it seeps into every corner.

'Forest' opens simply, with guitar and 'Minru's lovely vocals, whilst the rhythms of the drums and piano, create a hypnotic effect, and the song slowly builds in volume and intensity. Lyrically she uses imagery of the natural surroundings to delve into our inner consciousness - ''I’ve been looking for an exit to the straying of my thoughts / But I’m tied to the forest and its primal calls''. 'Lakes' builds from a simple bass line, again it's the rhythms that compel, whilst 'Windmills' (which we reviewed previously) is just blissful, and I love it even more than when I first listened. But 'Signs' really appeals to me too, I love the careful, subtle instrumentation that opens the song, the gradual build of drums leads to a lyrical outpouring of words ''Why can’t I reach you, bright star of heavy light', and then we're offered an absorbing dark instrumental climax. 'Climb' is probably a more 'traditional' Minru song, meandering melody accompanied by a complex myriad of rhythms that carry the track forward, and I love the subtle change in direction led by the piano just under 3 minutes in - accompanied by the repeated words ''It ends where it began''.

This is really lovely music, and as I've listened to it more I'm totally absorbed the words too, just have a read of them on Bandcamp, she always uses such interesting imagery, always naturally conceived and never 'forced'. Musically the arrangements help create the quietly compelling visions, with unusual textures and subtle infusions of sound. Sure, there won't be one track which will 'blow your ears', or takeover your favourite radio stations airwaves, but this is personal and thoughtful music, which really appeals to me both lyrically and musically.





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