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Tyynyt - 'Lojun' (single)

It's pretty astonishing that we last wrote about Finnish band 'Tyynyt' approaching 5 years ago, but they were one of the first bands we ever featured ('New Band of the Day No 2') so it's great to catch up with them after all this time. However we have recently featured singer and songwriter Jari Oisalo from the band as part of his new project 'Salainen avaruusohjelma' (Secret Space Machine), and they have a new album out which we will try to get to at some point.

Anyway TYYNT also have a new single out, entitled 'Lojun', and the good news is that it appears to be the first release from a new album that is in the making. It's the softest of shoegaze inspired songs, with understated vocals and the gentlest of melodies - there's something reassuring and warm about the sound, and it does remind me just a little of Rami Vierula in places. It's lovely to see 'Tyynyt' back, I like the texture and atmosphere that they create, even if lyrically I can't offer much insight on the song, because it's in Finnish.

Take a listen to 'Lojun' here:

You can find TYYNYT on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud, although if you like the track don't forget to try and buy it from somewhere like Itunes

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