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'The Stillwalkers' - new track 'Still Life'

We featured 2 Finnish bands new to Nordic Music Review yesterday, today we return to another 'old' favourite, none other than award winning 'The Stillwalkers' (ok, so it was our award...), who are well on their way towards completing their long awaited 2nd album. The Turku band, known for the warmth of their melodies and guitar sound, released 'Crystal Clear' a few months back, and have followed that up with a new song called 'Still Life'.

This can only be described as 'epic', over 7 minutes in total, not a conventional 'single' as such and it starts modestly at a relatively sedate pace, albeit with an appealing melody and guitar accompaniment. Half way through it really shifts into a gear, with a higher intensity chorus and fuzzy guitars. And the one thing we always love from this band is their blissful and always musical instrumental sections, and this one is simply huge, well worth them taking the full 7 minutes to get there.

Take a listen to 'Still Life' here:

Anyway we'll let you know when we have more information on that long awaited an album, which (along with the next Major Parkinson album) is a good enough reason to keep us going over the next 12 months... you can find them on Facebook.

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