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Introducing... 'Skyskraper' with single 'Again'

I don't think we've introduced a new Indie band from Norway for a while, so we're delighted to head up to the beautiful Norwegian city of 'Stavenger', which is high up on our list of places we want to visit - partly because it looks so lovely, and also because the flights from the UK are pretty tempting too. The band we'll introduce you today is 'Skyskraper', and they debuted with their debut single 'Heaven and Earth' back in December 2018.

Now these guys met at a Church, forming the band back in 2017, but wanted to use their musical skills to write music with a different feel, and their new single 'Again' demonstrates that as its a melodic indie pop track, which rattles along at a good pace and builds to a pretty big catchy chorus. The theme of the song considers the limitation of man verses an unlimited God, and actually the lyrics are pretty engaging and sound naturally conceived, so I think this works pretty well. We'll even give them a unique genre title they'll probably really dislike, which is Alternative Christian Rock.

So this is 'Again':

And you can keep track of 'Skyskraper' by following them on Facebook, or on Soundcloud.

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