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Introducing... 'STINAKO' with track 'Kun Viimein Saavuit'

We just have so many new releases and interesting artists to write about today, and we probably won't get through all 10 on the list, but we'll just start writing and see how far we can get. A couple of weeks back we introduced you to new Finnish band 'Pink Chameleons', and it's great to see another release on the same excellent Soliti label, this time 'STINAKO', with her debut release 'Kun Viimein Saavuit'.

Behind the name 'STINAKO' is the songwriter 'Stina Koistinen', who is known for fronting the band 'Color Dolor' as well as her collaboration with Astrid Swan as part of the amazing 'Swan / Koistinen' release - we didn't have chance to cover that partnership too much, so check out the links at the bottom of the page to find out more information.

Anyway 'STINAKO' will releases an album in her own right on 1st November, which is entitled 'Ikuisuus' and of course is released through Soliti. 'Kun Viimein Saavuit' is the 1st single to be released, and was also the 1st song she wrote for the album, with the theme of the song being ''about waiting and breaking promises''. Immediately the tone of the stately piano will hit you, melancholy and deliberate, and that throws all the intention on to those vocals, which are just phenomenal, intoxicatingly powerful but almost fragile at times, they soar to an extraordinary level, delivering a beautiful cascading melody that climaxes and fades. 'Kun Viimein Saavuit' is a simply stunning song.

You can find 'STINAKO' on Instagram, Facebook or on her website.

And don't forget to check out 'Swan / Koistinen':

Artwork Picture: Heli Blåfield / Sanna Turunen

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