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Introducing... 'Silveräpplen' with debut track 'Love Would Tear Us Apart'

We have another album review on its way (The Sideways), but whilst we recover from the aftershock of the new 'Moron Police' album we will change direction completely, courtesy of Swedish musician 'Silveräpplen'. We've been really looking forward to writing about this one, as we first heard 'Love Would Tear Us Apart' a couple of weeks ago, but it was actually only released last Friday. It's the first song to be released from a forthcoming EP rather nicely entitled "Pretentious Lofi Inc. EP'', which is due sometime in the next couple of months.

Behind 'Silveräpplen' is the Gothenburg musician Simeon Pappinen Hillert, who has toured extensively with Swedish bands across Europe, and his debut EP will feature collaborations with some lovely names on the Swedish indie electronica music, including Sir Was, Gustav from 'Niki & The Dove' and Emma Lindstrom from that tiny little electronic orchestra that we love so much, 'Canigou'. And we really need to get our act together and find out what those guys have been up to recently.

Anyway 'Love Would Tear Us Apart' is instantly attractive listening, with spiralling arpeggeio electronica that sets a minimalist backdrop, but then the toned down vocals add a gentle melody, before a swirling and unobtrusive sax is added and the electronica develops firstly a slight harshness, and then loses its definition completely. Given the track is written about getting 'stuck in old patterns', the sound just works so well - maybe staying in those same routines seems comforting at first, but then slowly a misty fog descends and purpose and clarity on the direction of life is lost.

Take a listen to 'Silveräpplen' here:

We'll definitely bring you more 'Silveräpplen' news when we have it.

You can find him on Facebook or Instagram.

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