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Introducing 'thirdcurl' with new track 'Ordinary Life'

We've somehow managed to get 2 album reviews in this week already, and we highly recommend them both, especially 'The Sideways', the excellent Norwegian band we covered yesterday. But the good news is that the new releases keep flooding in, and we're delighted to bring you a brand new track released just today. Danish artist 'thirdcurl' is brand new to Nordic Music Review, but in fairness he hasn't really released much material over the last couple of years - in fact since his 2017 release 'It's Christmas', which I guess could be described as an 'anti-song', and worth checking out even if it probably won't make your Disney Christmas playlist this year.

Anyway 'thirdcurl' is a young artist of Danish and Nigerian parents, a lo-fi multi-instrumentalist who writes indie music whilst traveling the world with his work, and 'Ordinary Life' is inspired by the conflicts of his own job compared to those that hold down less complicated work and personal lives, and that as much as he loves his work and commitment to music, part of him wishes he could be satisfied by that 'ordinary life'. Musically there are big references to bands such as 'The Cure' vocally and 'Pulp' in the songwriting style, but I like the way he builds this song up from nothing, it's got this wayward charm that I appreciate and it's definitely a song with a melody that will stick in your head. Lyrically the bluntness of the writing is pretty effective too, and 'thirdcurl' is certainly a character with an interesting story to tell.

This is 'Ordinary Life':

'Ordinary Life' is the first release from a 5 song EP due to be released soon from 'thirdcurl' and you can visit him on Facebook, Instagram or Soundcloud.

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