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In Brief: 'Back of House' - new single 'Streetfood Hero'

Due to another 'exciting musical project' in construction we're going to keep it short and sweet this week, with just a few short band introductions whilst somehow skipping the entrée's, appetizers and desserts and heading straight to the main course. Swedish punk rock band 'Back of House' write entertaining and 'easily listening punk', which probably isn't a thing but by which I mean the tunes are distinguishable and you could almost get away with streaming it through the house without someone telling you not to - at least the tracks without the swearing. Oh and these guys only write about food and food industry related issues in their songs, which sounds rather extraordinary and well, is actually quite extraordinary and raises the never before asked question, 'Do Punk Rockers eat 'Brunch'? The answer, of course is that no-one should eat 'Brunch' and that it should be outlawed as quickly as restaurant food not served on actual plates, but anyway take a listen to 'Streetfood Hero' and the slightly sweary 'Take a Bulleit', they are really enjoyable songs.

Find them on Soundcloud or Facebook.

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