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In Short: 'Highasakite' - 'Can I Be Forgiven' (from 'The Bare Romantic, Pt. 1)

We're working on another music initiative this week, so just offering some quick updates on new releases we've missed in recent weeks. 'Highasakite' are obviously one of the highest profile Norwegian names, and we featured their excellent 'Uraniam Heart' album release not many months ago. But after the completion of that album they still had more songs they wanted to record, and they're doing that via a 2 part release of another album entitled 'The Bare Romantic', part 1 of which was released last week.

The lead track off this 4 track release is the excellent 'Can I Be Forgiven', thoughtful alternative pop which can be appreciated by everyone, no matter what type of music you normally prefer. And they're in the midst of an expansive Norwegian tour too, with 1 single UK date booked in at 'The Garage' on Thursday 16th April next year. It would be great if they could sneak in a little date in Manchester next to it too.

Anyway this is 'Can I Be Forgiven':

More on those 'Highasakite' tour dates can be found here:

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