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'Yune' - 'Ørkensangen' (single)

Moving on to Denmark next and another band we haven't covered before, 'Yune', who have just released the lead track from their forthcoming album, and that single is called 'Ørkensangen', which translates to 'The Desert Song', - and yes I have double checked and unfortunately it's not dessert. Anyway 'Yune' are a 5 piece band from Aarhus, and they've been around for about 3 years, mainly playing gigs and festivals in Denmark (alongside the likes of 'Lowly' and 'Sleep Party People'), but also releasing a couple of singles that you can find on Spotify. One of those was the excellent 'Animal', which was featured in 'The Revue', always a good recommended place to find new and undiscovered music.

The interesting thing about 'Animal' is the way they use unusual musical sounds to create a slightly different texture to their indie rock sound (it could be a bass flute but I'm probably wrong), and the same goes for 'Ørkensangen', although this time the instruments are more easily identifiable with cellos providing a backdrop to the song opening, Vocally there's a laid back, effortless feel, and a gentle and occasionally discordant melodic sound, that is easily listenable but always sits on the edge of being conventional. I like it, there's something slightly different in their approach.

Anyway this is 'Ørkensangen', but please also check out 'Animal', because that's definitely one we missed:

The debut 'Yune' album will be out next year, and you can find them on Soundcloud, Facebook or Instagram.

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