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'rauður' - 'We Will All Feel Better One Day And / Or Die’ (video)

A couple of weeks ago we featured the Icelandic artist 'rauður' and her album 'Semilunar', a clever and intricate electronic based album that really appealed to us. Quite possibly the highlight of the album was the wonderful conclusion, a song entitled 'We Will All Feel Better One Day And / Or Die’, and now she has released a video to accompany the song which seems to fit the song perfectly - sad, joyous and uplifting all at once.

This is what 'raudur' says about the video: ''The video is, just like the song, a sentimental summary of life. Impressions intended to evoke the viewer’s own life story. It follows two small individuals who wander through barren surroundings, creating their own place, leaving their mark, and a trace of life. The photos in the video are my own family photos from different periods, and show people who have come and gone, life that has already happened. But some are still here. The girl in the video is my daughter, and the boy is my cousin. It was shot on a sunny autumn Sunday in Reykjavík, by Þórdís Reynisdóttir, with creative support from Arna Atladóttir. Then we all went to have ice cream. It was a good day.”

We really do like ''We Will All Feel Better One Day And / Or Die'' so much, along with the idea of ice-cream on an autumnal day in Reykjavík:

If you missed our review you can read it here, and you can visit 'rauður' here on Facebook.

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