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'Astral Brain' - 'Five Thousand Miles' (single)

I like to think we have a great way to start the week, and it's a band that made quite an impression when we introduced them earlier in the year, and are now back with a new single. 'Astral Brain' are from Sweden, and regular readers may remember that they are a band based around duo Einar Ekström (previously of Le Futur Pompiste), who founded the band, but with Siri Af Burén (Testbild!, Band In Box, Vit Päls) adding vocals and lyrics.

Previous release 'From Above' remains a favourite, but the new song is an equally delicious treat, entitled 'Five Thousand Miles' and it charts a trip into a fantasy world to escape from love and regrets. Siri Af Burén's vocals are a real highlight, a simple purity in their style, accompanied by dreamy instrumental psychedelia and once again the always infectious tunes light up the song. The overall effect is completely charming. Somehow last time out we also missed another track, which I think was released with 'From Above' - it's entitled 'The Field Trip' and reminds me a little of some of my favourite 'under the radar' Tim Smith influenced UK bands. Anyhow I've had a really enjoyable weekend streaming all 3 'Astral Brain' tracks around the house this week, plus the 'Five Thousand Miles' remix which is also available.

This is 'Five Thousand Miles':

Anyway the great news is that an 'Astral Brain' album is being worked on, so that's another good reason to stick around after our 5 year anniversary hits us in a couple of weeks time.

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