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'ilt' - new track 'Sleepwalking'

After featuring Finnish band 'Mantaray' yesterday, I'm hoping we can write about a different Post Rock band each day this week - although whether that's successful probably depends on whether I finally finish that long outstanding 'Oh Hiroshima' review. Today's offering comes from Denmark, and none other than 'ilt', whom we featured back in 2018 courtesy of their tracks 'Monochromatic Fields and 'Astral'. Since then the Copenhagen 3 piece have been busy writing material for their debut album, which I hope we'll see early next year and they've been making some interesting live / festival appearances too - most recently performing with the excellent 'The Entrepreneurs' at a festival in Roskilde, as well as 'Firs', another Danish band we must check out.

'ilt' have this ability to write free flowing organic post rock, by which I mean that it feels like the most natural thing in the world for them to do, and listening to 'Sleepwalking' is like being wrapped in the warmest and softest comfort blanket. Straight from the opening atmospheric piano chords and trance like drum beat, I feel at home, whilst the vocals never disrupt the equilibrium, soft and pure in their delivery. Inevitably though the music swells, with a wall of sound somewhat inevitably taking over the track, but effective too are the ethereal vocal harmonies, which have a big hint of Sigur Rós and which carry the track to a conclusion.

I really like this from 'ilt, this is 'Sleepwalking':

We look forward to hearing that debut album sometime in the new year, and in the meantime you can find 'ilt' on Facebook.

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