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Introducing...'Björn Falk' with track 'Pony'

After the erm… murky tones of 'Murky Munroe' a very quick introduction to a Swedish songwriter, with a different approach to his songwriting. 'Björn Falk' is a 'Malmö' based musician, and his debut track 'Pony' is a lovely fusion between 60's influences and more recent guitar indie pop. The track is the 1st from an EP release which is due on December 6th, and which is rather fittingly entitled 'Rock'n'Roll for Hopeless Romantics' - the music definitely has that nostalgic feel about it.

On this release 'Björn Falk' is joined by none other than Caroline Landahl from fellow Swedish band 'Hater', whom we featured previously when they did an excellent Tapetown session. The combination of the vocals works really well, and at just under 1 minute 40 seconds 'Pony' will make a great little addition to your latest playlists.

Watch the video to 'Pony':

'Pony' is released through the small independent musician run Swedish label 'Yellow Step Records', whom you can find here.

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