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Introducing... 'Lüdo' with track 'Time is of the Essence'

We've covered so many different styles / genres of music yesterday and today, but we haven't had anything too 'loud', so we'll correct that now with some Norwegian hardcore punk. Actually although Lüdo classify themselves as a 'hardcore punk' band, I definitely regard this as relatively accessible, in that both lyrically and musically there are interesting elements to cling on to.

So Lüdo are from 'Kristiansand' and they're a 5 piece band that have released a selection of tracks over the last couple of years. With an undoubted 'progressive' element to the songwriting, they list the likes of fellow hardcore punk band 'Rise Above' as influencers, and also interestingly 'Moron Police' - whos album we reviewed here, and is definitely one of the contenders for the 'NMR Album of the Year'.

'Time is of the Essence' considers how we are running out of time to solve the world from climate change and how we have to collectively work together in order to save this planet. Switching between driving guitars / drums and harsher vocals to more lyrical melodic sections, Lüdo create some effective dynamic contrasts, and the lyrics are straight forward enough but appealing - 'If we face our problems now then may, just maybe, there's a chance'. I like the intent and the delivery of 'Time is of the Essence'.

Take a listen here:

You can find them on Facebook or on Instagram.

Oh and whilst the music might be different, as for the phrase 'Time is of the Essence' does that reminds anyone a little of 'Cardiacs' and this video of total genius? And can we justify including it here because Lüdo are influenced by 'Moron Police', and at least two of 'Moron Police' are definitely are admirers of 'Cardiacs'... oh go on then... it is our birthday...

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