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Adam Evald - new single 'Godspeed Blue Lion'

I’m still hoping we’ll squeeze in some of the ‘missing’ albums we’ve just not had time to mention so far this year before we take a break on about the 21st December. However the list of artists we’ve never had chance to feature at all in the last 5 years is even bigger, and one of those is Swedish Chamber Pop composer Adam Evald. I know not all artists like being labelled as ‘Chamber Pop’, but for me it’s always a rich source of good, well written music - after all, what’s not to like about melodic indie pop with sumptuous string arrangements.

Adam Evald is from Malmö, and his key release to date was back in 2015 when he released an album rather nicely entitled 'Love Knuckles Peace Dove'. Since then he has toured pretty much everywhere on the planet, from Mexico and Brazil through to Russia. The exception, sadly, appears to be the UK, although given the current social and political climate over the last couple of years, we don't really blame him.

His new single is entitled 'Godspeed Blue Lion', it's the 1st single from a long awaited new album and it's a completely charming song too, which opens with a beautiful string quartet, before Evald sets out the first lovely vocal melody accompanied by simple pizzicato strings. The middle instrumental section is particularly well arranged, and the whole song is just so well constructed. Now, I can't deny I am slightly biased towards bands who produce music in this style, and Adam Evald's music reminds me so much of the excellent English band 'The Miserable Rich', who released a couple of lovely albums from Brighton a few years back - and also if I remember, contained a member of the always recommended 'Clearlake'.

Anyway watch the video to 'Godspeed Blue Lion':

We look forward to writing about Adam Evald in 2020, and in the meantime visit him at his website.

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