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'Temilia' - 'Fallen Angel' (single)

This years Christmas seems a little more crazy than ever, at least here in the UK, supercharged commercialism and a lot of very stressed people apparently rushing around, shouting at each other and seemingly not full of the love of Christmas. I wonder how it all came to this, and why we let it be so. All the more reason to find time to escape at least for a few minutes into a private world of music, and 'Temilia' is the perfect artist to help you do that - she doesn't need to shout about things, simply expresses the reasons for human frailty in her own understated way, and then covers us in a warm comfort blanket through her poetic music.

So 'Temilia' is Swedish songwriter, based out of Stockholm, and the good news for those of us that are new to her music, is that she has a lovely collection of tracks available on streaming services to get to know and love. Her releases (at least the ones I could find) stretch back to 2009 and include a collection of EPs, including a particularly lovely set of songs released in 2014 entitled 'Temilia and the Passions' - which includes a beautiful song called 'Where the Rainbows Meet', which I really do recommend.

The good news is that she's back with a new song, and it's entitled 'Fallen Angel', with a bold authorative opening with electric guitar that will capture your attention, before 'Temilia's' soft, trembling, captivating vocals transport you into another place entirely, and lyrics that will make you strain to hear and understand every word. And all of it is set out through just the most lovely flowing melody, sad but uplifting too. it is true indeed that ''quiet is the one with power'', and 'Fallen Angel' is a weighty and compelling song.

Listen to it here:

So 'Fallen Angel' was released 2 weeks ago, through 'Greenroom Records', which was part founded by 'Temilia', and you can find all her releases through their website here. I'm also hoping that I'll find a copy of the lyrics somewhere to this track, because I'd just love to be able to take some time and read them - maybe some kind person will send them to me as a Christmas gift...

Visit 'Temlilia' here on Facebook, or on Instagram.

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