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Siv Jakobsen - 'Fear the Fear' (single)

We try to mix things up as much as possible by featuring artists both new and old to Nordic Music Review, and we're particularly delighted to write once again about Siv Jakobsen, who's music I remember so distinctly listening to on our launch night way back in 2014. Since then we've followed her progress carefully, from the release of her EP 'The Lingering' to her debut album, as well as UK tour dates and her new single 'Fear the Fear' is the 1st glimpse of a new album, which is to be released in April, appropriately entitled 'A Temporary Soothing', and to be released through Norwegian label 'U OK'.

Siv Jakobsen has this amazing natural ability to make me stop whatever I'm doing to listen to her music, all consuming melodies and vocals that just float into every corner of the house, sometimes melancholy but also uplifting too. Straight from the opening her vocals are just totally captivating, accompanied at first by spare and subtle instrumentation which gently carry the song forward, but then build with a power and intensity as the song hits a climax. 'Fear the Fear' also hits the mark lyrically because it is of course that fear which consumes our lives, from commercials bombarding us with messages about what could go wrong, to the burdens and pressures of work, family and everything else.

The video is a perfect accompaniment, a simple but powerful idea that I think works well.

You can find Siv Jakobsen on Instagram, Facebook and of course Twitter, which was the place we 1st came across her music all those years ago.

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