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'Dolorifics' - 'Impossible' (single from their new album 'Welcome to Dolograd&#3

Well I guess we've made it to Friday, and whilst there may still be a small pile of Albums and EPs to finish writing about, there's always time for a short feature on another Nordic Indie band to add to your latest playlists. 'Dolorifics' are from Sweden, and they're a conventional 4 piece band who write pretty 'timeless' Indie style songs, with a pretty hefty, but always likeable, influence from Britpop and other 90's rock bands.

They were formed back in 2016, but actually their history goes back earlier as the guys have played together in a variety of different bands, including the unconvincingly named 'Boys of Terror', who were featured here in the always excellent Emerging Indie Bands. Anyway they've clearly developed their musical style somewhat, mainly by turning the volume up on the guitars somewhat, and the result is a debut album which was released just last week. Entitled 'Welcome to Dolograd', it's a really enjoyable listen without being too groundbreaking, with big melodies, anthems and great sounding guitars.

Highlights include the irresistible concluding track 'Death Song (Dead Like You and Me)', as well as my personal favourite 'I Live in Shadow' (which I guess has a slightly different feel about it) , but the track which has gone straight onto all our playlists is the opener 'Impossible', a high energy and charasmatic 3 minute guitar led indie song meant for the big stage, with drawling vocal melody and a big sing-a-long chorus. Of course we like to fill these pages with our melancholic sad indie folk, but Oasis and Arctic Monkeys influenced anthems are very welcome too.

This is 'Impossible':

'Welcome to Dolograd' has been released through 'Nasty Cut Records' and you can find out more on 'Dolorifics' on Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.

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