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'Fródi'' - 'Spor' (video)

Last year we covered Faroese artist 'Fródi' when he released his lovely album 'Hola', and we were able to remind ourselves of its charms when we created our 'Favourite Albums of 2019' list. It's definitely worth listening to if you haven't yet heard it.

Anyway he's now released a video to the song 'Spor', and I've been totally transfixed by it, both sad and uplifting, as it charts the departure of French war brides, who'd married American soldiers and were embarking on their trip to the United States. It interested me enough to read some stories about the brides last night, and what they went through before leaving and after they arrived in America - which in many cases was really difficult, but it appears that only a few returned to France.

This is 'Spor':

You can visit Fródi on Facebook.

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