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'Beverly Kills' - 'I Dreamt in Commercials (single)

We belatedly featured 'Beverly Kills' for the 1st time earlier last year when they released their excellent track 'Revellers' and the Swedish band have continued to build an impressive reputation, playing showcase festivals, sold out venues and being recognised in media internationally. Yet up until now they've still only released 5 singles, with the 6th being their new song 'I Dreamt in Commercials', which will form part of a debut EP release due in April on 'Welfare Sounds & Records'.

It's another assured and impressive song, starting in such a stripped back manner that it forces all the attention onto Alma Westerlund's always convincing vocals. But as we've begun to expect from 'Beverly Hills' it then opens in a lovely dreamy melodic style, before ramping up the instrumental intensity at the end. All Beverly Kills' songs are just so listenable and easy to like.

Take a listen here to 'I Dreamt in Commercials':

We look forward to that debut EP in April, and you can find them on Facebook.

(Artwork photo by Jakob Ekvall)

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