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'Lilla Parasit' - 'Eirik' (single)

We introduced 'Lilla Parasit' back in December when they released the track ;'Feather Soul', which had already been premiered by our friends at 'For the Rabbits', and ahead of a mini-album which is due for release in March they've now released an additional track, entitled 'Eirik', which I must admit has slightly blown me away - mainly because I wasn't quite expecting the intensity of sound they've managed to produce.

So, for those of you who missed the original feature, 'Lilla Parasit' are fronted by none other than Are Engen Steinsholm, also from the excellent Swedish band 'Melby', who's album 'None of this Makes me Worry' was a real favourite of ours in 2019. And after the charming idea and sound of 'Feather Soul', new track 'Eirik' goes in a different direction, with a big and dark sounding guitar riff to open, followed by those distinct and almost plaintive sounding vocals offering something far more intimate. But without question it's the instrumental sections that make this track so effective, a quite extraordinary saxophone solo (courtesy of Pelle Westlins) and subtle crescendos of sound, whilst the explosive searing climax just under 4 minutes in is pretty heady, mindblowing stuff.

This is 'Eirik':

I just love the textures of sound in this track, it's really unusual, and it's out now through Stockholm label 'Rama Lama Records', who we've featured many times before, and hopefully will again shortly courtesy of the new 'Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes' album, which has just been released.

Visit 'Lilla Parasit' here on Facebook or Instagram

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