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  • Andy Wors

Introducing.... Frida Blomberg with debut single 'Closer'

Maybe I'm imagining it, but the wealth of Nordic talent emerging as Music Producers is really noticeable at the moment, and young Norwegian producer and songwriter Frida Blomberg really makes an impression with her debut track 'Closer'. Chosen at the start of the year to participate in the GramArt Norwegian mentor program for emerging talent, with renowned composer / musician / producer Kåre Vestrheim ('Highasakite', Propeller Records) as her mentor, she had previously studied Music Technology at NTNU and also at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm.

Writing and performing songs has been something Frida Blomberg has always wanted to do, starting playing the piano at 12 just so that she could write her own songs, before developing an interest in the technical aspects of music production, which naturally evolved into considering electronic elements. Performing as an improviser in the electronic music scene was then clearly critical in her music development, and now she has used all those elements, as well as her natural desire to write songs, to create her track 'Closer', a swirling debut, which subtly combines acoustic and electronic elements in a really beautiful and understated way.

'Closer' is a fascinating song if you really take the time to listen in detail, with gorgeous string arrangements that float in slowly, and that fuse together apparently so naturally with the electronic elements. As the track progresses the cinematic electronic contributions fade to leave just the vocals, acoustic guitar and strings, and that just seems suit the conclusion of the lyrical content so well too - you'll feel drawn in 'closer' to her music. It is a really imaginative and cleverly conceived song.

This is 'Closer':

Frida Blomberg can be found on her website, and Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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