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aeonatan 🇫🇮 - 'Dominion' (single)

I thought it would be a quiet start to the year, but there was a hefty number of singles released last Friday, and one of them came courtesy of Finnish indie musician and producer Jonatan Stenfors, who debuted with his solo project aeonatan late last year with 'Sad Pisces', which made it onto the Nordic Music Review Indie Playlist.

Now he's back with 'Dominion', which is a pretty good name for a gothic shoegaze style track, I think goth stalwarts Sisters of Mercy released a track with the same name in the late 80's.

But actually this isn't entirely gothic, and there's 2 things I really like about this track. Firstly whilst the instrumental sound is dark, industrial sounding and intense, Stenfors' vocals offer a great contrast, with a tune that delivers a good melodic punch. And there's also quite an explosion of sound in the chorus, which is particularly effective if you turn the volume on your speakers up a little higher.

So it's those contrasts and different shades of darkness and light (or at least darkness and semi-darkness) that make this track stand out I feel. Take a listen here.

I assume there's an EP or Album pending, and I look forward to hearing it.

Find him on Instagram.


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