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  • David Bentley

Andreas Moe (Sweden) – Holding On (single from forthcoming EP)

We more often than not review new indie artists but it’s a welcome diversion from time to time to feature an established one.

Andreas Moe decisively falls into that category. He’s a five-time platinum-certified Swedish songwriter who has worked with artists around the world such as Avicii, Seeb, Armin van Burren, John De Sohn, Tiesto, Sharon Vaughn and Corey Sanders. In 2012 Andreas made his debut as a solo artist and, in addition to his own concerts, has opened for John Mayer during one of his arena tours.

‘Holding On,’ “is a song about breaking free and letting go”. That’s an understatement. It’s more like a jail break as it moves at a rate of knots. Even the opening bars could be the escape alarm, albeit the most tuneful you ever heard. And he’s got the sort of drawl which goes with someone like Nicholas Cage, who’s always getting into scrapes in his films.

Having come out of the blocks like Usain Bolt the song continues to gain momentum throughout, totally eschewing the need for niceties like a bridge until it takes on the persona of Billy Joel’s ‘We didn’t start the fire” and only stops (suddenly) when he’s broken the winning tape.

‘Holding On’ is the first taste of an upcoming EP out later this year with more info on that to follow soon.

‘Holding On’ was released on January 22nd via Cosmos Music.


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