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Andreas S Jensen - 'Love & War' (single)

We have our normal selection of new Friday releases today, but we need to sneak one in from last Friday first. Andreas S Jensen is Danish multi-instrumentalist, musician and producer based in London, who has performed and collaborated with other artists across the world (including live with Dub Pistols), as well as releasing his own album ‘Disturbed’, tracks from which were picked up by BBC6 music – it’s an interesting album, which is worth checking out if you have time.

Subsequent to that release he toured extensively, including the US, and new single ‘Love & War’ is clearly influenced by Jensen’s travels in America, and particularly his visits to The House of Songs in Texas, which encourages collaborations between artists from different countries. Co-written by local musician Dustin Welch it’s an Americana influenced track with a belting big chorus, fingerpicked guitar and poetic lyrics which manages to conjure images of a Texan ranch in the context of possible lost love – ‘’But if we only long for harvest once seeds have been sown / the fields that we tiled become overgrown’’.

Listen to the track here:

‘Love & War’ can be found on the brand new Nordic Music Review Indie playlist here, and you can find Andreas S Jensen on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

His new album 'Keen Sane' will be released later this year.


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