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AnnaKristiina (Finland) - Unilintu (single)

I know David really loved the Josefin Winther track he featured yesterday but struggled a little with the Norwegian lyrics, so hopefully he’ll get on slightly better with a spot of Finnish poetry.

It comes courtesy of another new artist, the hyphenless / spaceless AnnaKristiina and her debut track Unilintu is just simply really lovely. Of course the actual words need a little explanation, but it’s set to a backdrop of quite gorgeously arranged piano and violin composition.

Behind the name is the artist Anna Papinsaari and there’s not a lot to tell, other than she tries to write ”soothing music…. which often focuses on individual fleeting moments which are described through speech and singing.”

That sounds straight forward enough, and actually it’s the simplicity that is so effective, just the sound of the piano is so striking, and when the rhythmic poetic words are spoken the music evolves with a repeated minimalist / ambient shaped theme, and an equally lovely violin contribution just carries the track away. It’s just so different and clever I think.

The track translates to ‘Dream Bird’, and is “an ambiguous story of a bird and its moment in a world of dreams.” Well I did promise a little explanation and I didn’t claim it would be helpful.

Seriously though just listen, this is beautiful.

Noisy guitar stuff from tomorrow I promise.

Find her on Facebook and Instagram.


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