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Armadillo King 🇸🇪- ‘We All Die Young’ (single)

I started to write about recent Armadillo King release ‘It’s soon summertime’ earlier this week, an upbeat buoyant track celebrating the transition from Spring to Summer - certainly my favourite time of year. It was a welcome surprise from the Swedish Americana Noir influenced outfit, who previously regaled us with tales of intrigue and murder in the American west (‘A Drifters Tale’), whilst more recently produced a lovely touching release as a tribute to vocalist and songwriter Henning Ejnefjäl’s father in ‘Forever with Me’.

So I was looking forward to the follow up to ‘Summertime’, which I’d heard was rumoured to be entitled ‘Picnics and Prosecco’, but clearly my sources were once again incorrect, as they’ve brought us down to earth with a crashing thud thanks to ‘We All Die Young’.

Now to be honest I’m not sure if the premise of the song is strictly true. My Great Uncle Ivan reputedly lived until he was 124 years, surviving entirely on a diet of Blackwell’s finest Devonshire Pasties and 3 flagons a day of 7% farmyard Scrumpy. Or so he claimed, I can’t deny it was a struggle to follow him sometimes.

But anyway, I really like this track. It’s not downbeat at all, instead like many Armadillo King tracks it’s an anthem proclaiming how we should live our best lives. Ejnefjäl’s vocals are impressive again, both earthy and distinctive, the instrumentation in the chorus adds a different dimension, whilst the ever thoughtful lyrics lead to the simple chorus “Follow your heart ‘cos we all die young”.

Here’s the video, where you even see a brief glimpse of Henning Ejnefjäl pretty much naked. Or at least without his hat, which is the same thing.

Definitely one of my favourite Armadillo King songs I’ve heard, although with tracks such as ‘Ghost Town’ and ‘Dying to Live Again’, there’s some stiff competition.

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