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Asthmatic Harp - ‘Limbo’ (single)

We’ve written about Danish indie folk songwriter Asthmatic Harp a few times, and the release of her new single Limbo has been the perfect opportunity today to stream a playlist of all her tracks whilst enjoying the sunshine.

It’s a reminder of the diversity in her songwriting, which first came to people’s attention when she released her ‘Lost Astronaut’ EP back in 2015. The Glasgow based artist plans to release an EP entitled ‘Things We Learned to Live With’’ in the Autumn, and ‘Limbo’ is an early glimpse, written apparently ’in a bathtub in Hull’. I can’t deny that Hull doesn’t always get a favourable press, but you won’t hear me making any such negative comments - after all, it offers somewhere relatively nice for the people of Grimsby to go on vacation.

Anyway clearly it helped proved an inspiration musically, but actually the song is based upon a poem written by Manchester-based queer writer and poet Roma Havers, whom she met at a performance in Nottingham. Asthmatic Harp explains more: ‘’When I heard Roma perform Limbo I was completely blown away. It was strong, raw and fragile all at the same time and I knew I had to put music to it”.

It’s s thoughtfully written song, and always with Asthmatic Harp there is a lovely mix of soft melodies and subtle, beautifully judged instrumentation. In this track the clarinet is the feature instrument, with just gentle guitar and a little piano tinkering at the end.

Take a listen here.

Find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Bandcamp.


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