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Axel Flóvent - 'Indefinite' (single)

We wrote about Benedikt and Tuvaband yesterday, both of whom we’d also written about as being featured on the new Simen Mitlid release. We also featured Icelandic musician Axel Flóvent recently in a similar vein, as he appeared on the new Ceasetone single which we loved so much.

Of course we’re huge fans of Ceasetone, one of the most underrated artists / projects out there – although I feel that he will finally get that recognition soon enough. Axel Flóvent has received more recognition for his music, at least if Spotify streams are used as a benchmark, with close to 50 million listens of his track ‘Forest Fires’.

Now he’s back with a new track, entitled ‘Indefinite’, which is a taster of his debut album, beautifully titled ‘You Stay By the Sea’ which will finally see the light of day in January 2021, a year when everything is going to be really great.

Clearly this album will deal with Axel's travels since the success of that original EP, firstly to Holland and then living in Brighton, a lovely place for a musician to be based, but somewhere where he didn't entirely seem to settle simply because it wasn't Iceland. As he says about the album:

''There are so many times where the silence is so still. In Reykjavík, we have a lot of emotional and mental space. My path to the studio and running trail is just by the ocean, so I’m always by the sea, hence the title. When I moved back in late 2018, I felt settled. I wasn’t looking for anything anymore. I finally appreciate home and see the beauty in it.''

I want to to run on that trail by the ocean.

Anyway new track 'Indefinite' has Axel's trademarked warmth and softness. It’s undeniably melancholy, but it launches into a floating chorus that almost has an ‘indefinite’ feel to it, as if the sound is being transported by the wind across the ocean, timeless and with the sounds echoing back to shore. Lyrically it’s simple enough, but nicely worded. “But If we wait too long again / Repeating what we’ve seen / Never taking our own advice / Then nothing will ever change”

I guess it’s similar to that famous quote misattributed to Einstein relating to insanity and doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting different results. But I guess we all do that right?

Axel Flovent's talents are clear, and his album is set to be a highlight of early 2021.

Anyway check this out for a cool tour, featuring 3 featured Nordic Music Review artists, as Axel Flóvent has joined together with Swedish musician Plàsi, with support from the lovely Luminous Kid (new single due this Friday) for dates that start in Copenhagen in February and travel across Europe ending in Warsaw 10 days later. I really hope it can all go ahead as planned.

More details on Facebook.


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