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BÜNNI (Denmark) - ‘A Quiet Life’ (single)

I probably should catch up on some ‘mainstream’ releases, but there’s such a vast selection of pure indie / bedroom pop style tracks in our Inbox, and over the next week I want to catch up on as many as possible.

Furthermore it’s been a while since I wrote about BÜNNI, the Danish / Turkish artist more commonly known as Bünyamin Eroglu in ‘real life’, who’s been quite a prolific releaser of tracks over the course of the last couple of years - so much so that we haven’t managed to get to everything he’s churned out, although I did write about his album ‘Transit’, coincidentally pretty much exactly a year ago today,

His vision of the indie pop world is rather dark, rather the polar opposite of the irrepressible Caper Clowns that we featured yesterday. His press notes for new track quite simply said ‘dead inside but still alive’, and if I remember correctly, his album last year contained a fair few cheerless moments too.

But there’s something engaging about his music, because he really does write straight from his heart, that uncompromising melancholy view on life being so honest and convincing that you’d all offer to take him out and buy him a pint, if it wasn’t for the fact that he’d probably request that his glass be filled to the ‘half empty’ point. This is typical of the lyrics: “I try to believe that things get brighter someday, I sleep in the sun, maybe that’ll make me happy.... but it feels like I’m dying inside.”

It’s all backed up by intense psych indie guitars that just add to the atmosphere, and even if it’s sad stuff there’s always melodies to be found, with the vocals soaring to a climax with that repeated refrain ‘it feels like I’m dying inside’.

Take a listen here:

Find him on Facebook or Instagram.


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