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BÜNNI - 'Transit' (album)

Danish artist BÜNNI has been on our radar for just a few weeks, as we were sent his track ‘Taste for Life’, leaving me intrigued about his new album ‘Transit’, which was subsequently released just a couple of days ago. We’ve been taking a listen to the album, and it’s a sensitively written lo-fi release, with BÜNNI singing open and honest sounding songs (if slightly sad), with some quirky and interesting instrumental moments too.

Although the name BÜNNI was new to me, it turns out that we have written about him before – albeit through his ‘other’ guise with Eerie Glue. He’s a Danish / Turkish songwriter currently based in Berlin, and we first wrote about Eerie Glue when they released a series of EP’s in 2017, but were fairly remiss in missing an album release of theirs last year called ‘The Benefits of Being Mad’ – I’d have written about that purely based on the album name alone.

Anyway back to BÜNNI, because the stand out track on ‘Transit’ is ‘Outta Luck’, which was released as a single a couple of weeks ago, and it’s a simple enough sounding love song with a timeless melody that could have been written by songwriters from across the last 50 years. However the track develops when a warped psychedelic guitar takes over, and it just gives the whole thing a laid back, chilled feel. Check out the video below.

The album has some nice moments, albeit probably lacking those stand out tracks that will feature on your latest new music playlists – although ‘Taste for Life’ and ‘This and That’ have appealing instrumental themes which you’ll find going through your mind long after you’ve listened to them. ‘Please Yourself’ slowly builds up into a catchy song too, but actually it’s concluding track ‘Suicide?’ which is a highlight for me. In particular the song really works lyrically, even if at first I wasn’t sure I wanted to listen to it based on the song titled – ‘’life can be a pickle and you’ll fiddle with the riddle until you die’’ concludes BÜNNI, as he sets us all off with a cheery wave and a smile.

I’ll never tire of listening to albums like ‘Transit’, and whilst it probably will remain an off the radar lo-fi release, BÜNNI is an expressive and interesting songwriter that definitely deserves more attention.

We’re also promised new Eerie Glue material very soon. Find him on Facebook or Instagram.

Nordic Music Review 7/10


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