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Baby in Vain - ‘Wherever I Go’ (single)

It’s been a while since we had chance to write about Danish trio Baby in Vain but we welcome them back with their first new release since 2017, which was their debut album ‘More Nothing’. Their new single is called ‘Wherever I Go’, and it’s the 1st taster from a new album due in November.

Although it’s been a while since they released new material, we did briefly spot them again in 2018 courtesy of an excellent ‘Live at Tapetown’ session. Since then they wowed audiences with their collaboration with the group ‘Corpus’, which I thought was a Death Metal band, but turns out features members of the Danish Royal Ballet. Inevitably things have been a little quiet on the live front in 2020.

I’m really in my comfort zone with ‘Wherever I Go’ , because I find this style of perfect to shut out the world, and Baby in Vain do make a great racket. With Lola Hammerich’s vocals perfectly complimenting the grey grunge, the warped melody and guitar riffs will slowly get under your skin. And I should emphasise slowly, it’s not the kind of track to make an instant first impression.

Writing about the song, the band say ‘Wherever I Go” is about a melancholic, youthful longing. About crushing on someone and not being able to express exactly how you feel, but hoping that it will show somehow.

Great to have them back.

Find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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