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  • Andy Wors

BAK//RORDAM (Denmark) - Forchhammer (single)

This almost feels like a short interlude before the madness of Friday releases hits us again, and it‘s certainly a calming offering as we approach the end of the week.

We’ve covered Danish pianist and composer Frans Bak previously, but on this new track he’s joined together with guitarist and composer Jan Rordam again to release a short composition, ‘Forchhammer’, under the name BAK//RORDAM.

It’s actually the 4th track that they’ve released together, from an EP to be entitled ‘The Odsherred Sessions’, which is due for release in May. The name comes from Frans Bak’s summerhouse, where the two recorded the music together in Summer 2020, a plan that they’d had for many years having been long time collaborators and friends.

I must admit that I’m not always a fan of acoustic guitar / piano compositions (I find the guitar can get lost), but here the balance is perfect, and Bak’s expressive piano playing is backed up beautifully by the guitar. Perfect music to sit and relax with a glass of wine, if that’s your thing, which I think is probably what Bak and Rordam did after the recordings too.

I think my favourite Frans Bak composition, however, is still ‘The Parting’, which is absolutely gorgeous.

Find Frans Bak on his website and Jan Rordam on Soundcloud. And the duo are on Twitter too.


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