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Belle Sonder - 'How Do You Get Out (Of Your Head)’ single

We wrote about Belle Sonder last year, when they released a single entitled ‘Melancholy Love’ and then appeared at the excellent Manchester Psych Festival – another festival that I guess is going to struggle to go ahead this year. Now they’re back with a new single entitled ‘How Do You Get Out (Of Your Head)’, and it’s the 1st glimpse of a new album that doesn’t have a date or title as of yet.

For those of you who don’t remember, they’re a Norwegian / British pair made up of Eirik Bøen Gravdal (Digvalley) and British musician Liam Cook. They met at LIPA in Liverpool, and they’ve released tracks back to 2014, but more recently a self titled EP in 2018 and their album ‘Collected’ in 2019. They’re evidently pretty well regarded, given the amount of times I see their name popping up on different music websites and radio stations..

‘How Do You Get Out (Of Your Head)’ was released under the backdrop of COVID, and as they explain it’s ‘’is a song about feelings at a time when talking about them is more important than ever’’

Belle Sonder write their songs with an almost epic intensity, it’s post rock but not quite as I know it, with guitars that are constantly reverberating and repeating, but without those huge dynamic contrasts that we often hear from other bands in a similar genre. It’s really effective too, even if melodically it won’t instantly stay in your head.

Clearly a thoughtful band with their lyrical content too, there’s really been no excuse why I didn’t get to see this band live over the last few years. I’ll make sure I correct that in the next 12 -18 months.

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