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Benedikt (featuring Tuvaband) - ‘My Killer’ (single)

I’m a week behind on this one, but I had to make sure we covered it because it’s a release that brings together 2 artists I particularly like – Benedikt and Tuvaband.

We’ve written about both a number of times, and have in fact followed the progress of Tuva since the very early days of her project. Benedikt meanwhile are a real community of musicians, and released a lovely album appropriately entitled ‘Communal Work’ in 2019. They’re also a favourite band of the Indiefjord organisers, and I value their judgment very highly too.

Interestingly both Benedikt and Tuvaband also featured on the recent Simen Mitlid release, although I’m not quite sure how that works given Simen Mitlid is also in Benedikt. I think you get the idea, a lovely group of Norwegian musicians all collectively making music together.

Indeed this latest Benedikt / Tuvaband comes on the back of a desire to collaborate at the end of a lockdown period.

Benedikt explain more: "My Killer is an honest, introspective anthem about intense relationships abruptly ending. The lyrics also mull over the fear of death and the fear of being alone. We made the song with creative force Tuva Marschhäuser from Tuvaband right after a long covid19 lockdown period. So in a way it also celebrates coming together and creating something therapeutic when in a dark mood.

Yup, let’s all celebrate by writing sad music about relationships ending, the fear of being alone forever and death. Just what we all need right now,

Anyway, aside from that it is a lovely track, and they do create a very intense mood / atmosphere. Tuva does exactly what I was expecting, by adding mesmerising vocals and the collective Benedikt musicians have a natural flowing style which is always pretty easy to listen to.

They’re releasing a new album in 2021, where they promise us 10 tracks of upbeat cheery summer indie pop classics to welcome the post Covid era. I’m kidding obviously, but it'll be a nice album I promise.


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