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Brimheim - 'Kafka' (single)

Of course it should have been the Glastonbury festival this weekend, and I was watching highlights of previous years this week, with ‘Florence & The Machine’ storming 2015 headline set an obvious highlight. Danish / Faroese songwriter Brimheim is described as the ‘’… illegitimate love child of Florence Welch and PJ Harvey’’, and you’d find it hard pressed to argue with that description if you listen to her new single ‘Kafka’, which I can easily imagine finding favour with a big festival audience.

Impressively ‘Kafka’ is her debut track too, and although her musical influences are clear, she stamps her own personality and authority on to the song, which mixes dark, grumbling drum machine beats and guitar with glimpses of fragile vocals and then downright big catchy sing-a-long choruses.

Her musical pedigree is impressive, the daughter of Faroese songwriter and composer Elin Brimheim Heinesen, appearing to dabble with electronic music before reverting back to songwriting on her guitar. She’s also referenced as a ‘goth teen who listens to Radiohead and reads Murakami’, which I rather like too.

Lyrically it’s pretty memorable too - ‘’why is everything never enough’’ she asks, and I’m already genuinely interested to hear what she has to say. Combined with those vocals, which are just spot on throughout, ‘Brimheim’ is clearly a huge talent.

This is ‘Kafka’, which is the 1st single from debut RP ‘Myself Mispelled’, which is due to be released on October 16th.

A Glastonbury appearance for Brimheim in the next couple of years? If she has more songs like ‘Kafka’ in her pocket, then I really wouldn’t be surprised.

You can find her on Facebook and Instagram


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