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CeaseTone - ‘Creatures of the Night’ (single ft Axel Flóvent)

We have a vast amount of new releases to consider, and I could write 5-10 features a day and still not get through everything that’s worthy of inclusion. I’m guessing there’s a lot of releases that have been delayed as a result of Covid and are finally coming out now. One band we haven’t heard from for a while is Icelandic outfit CeaseTone. They returned last year with a slightly experimental single called ‘Egotopia’, the first indicator that a new album was on the way – the eagerly awaited follow up to their 2016 album ‘Two Strangers’, which was the Nordic Music Review Album of the Year.

Behind CeaseTone is the Icelandic musician Hafsteinn Þráinsson, and although both the album and live appearances received widespread international praise, including coverage in The Guardian, it amazes me they haven’t made an even bigger impression. But Hafsteinn in fairness is a busy chap, working with other artists including none other than Daði Freyr and another of our favourite songwriters, Axel Flóvent

New single ‘Creatures of the Night’ features Axel Flóvent himself, and it’s the first to be released through Sony Music, maybe an indicator that finally CeaseTone and Hafsteinn will get wider attention. And it opens with quite a commercial pop feel, before broadening and building in that familiar CeaseTone melodic style, with expansive instrumental support that swells to a big climactic conclusion in the last couple of minutes.

It’s a really strong powerful track, which makes me wonder just how good must this sound live? I really can’t wait to find out myself, because I promise I will finally see these guys perform post Covid.

Find them on Facebook or Instagram.


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