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  • David Bentley

CHIVVY – Red Water (single from forthcoming album)

A new band to me, I only know they are from Gothenburg, CHIVVY are three young ladies who used to be known as The Tape, and released an EP under that name. Now they’ve changed it after signing to the Novoton label and this is their debut single.

They have spent all their time this year in the studio recording what will be their debut album but I have no information on when that will be available.

They say that ‘Red Water’ concerns captivity and escape, being a current theme that can be applied to animal rights, human flight and human captivity or to the limitations of societal norms. And so the song is about longing for freedom and a slightly better world. Well we could do with both right now so I’m all ears.

Before I start I have to say that I’m often wary of all-female (as opposed to ‘girl’) bands. When they are good they are very good (I’m thinking the likes of The Go-Go’s, Katzenjammer, I See Rivers and some of our Finnish friends) but I’ve seen and heard some which were massively overhyped, like Hinds and Peaness while Stealing Sheep and Let’s eat Grandma disappointingly both failed to live up to expectations.

Not so with CHIVVY I’m glad to say. This is a thoughtful slow burner underpinned by a thumping drum beat and jangling guitar somewhat reminiscent of Rilo Kiley and The Elected’s Blake Sennett in full flow. Lyrically the theme appears to be anchored on the imagery of a whale trapped in a Seaworld-type environment, attempting to break free by thrashing against the concrete sides, hence the ‘red water.’

It’s both melancholy and dynamically optimistic at the same time and that’s no mean achievement.

Find them on Facebook.

Photo: Emil Daniel.


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