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  • David Bentley

Chivvy (Sweden) - ‘Deeper Blue’ (single)

Chivvy was one of my ‘Tips for 2021’ and what they’ve put out so far this year tells me it was a sound choice. I’d go so far as to say that with each of their three single releases to date they’ve got better each time.

They seem to have a thing about colours and are making their way through the rainbow, The first song we featured, last year, was ‘Red Waters’ and this one is ‘Deeper Blue’. They say it is a song about looking back on something that has been lost; the relationship that never transpired, the plans that never were realised or the dreams that no longer exist. A nostalgic trip to something that one misses and tried to save, but which may never have been meant for you.

In the past I’ve described their sound as being in the realm of New Order meets Siouxsie and the Banshees. But in this instance I can’t help but compare them to the Norwegian Tuvaband, at least vocally. I thought Tuva’s slightly sombre style and haunting vocal was unique but I’m well off the mark there and in addition Ester Hilmersson adds a powerful dimension to it.

Musically there is plenty going throughout the song, it’s quite lush with good interplay between guitars, synthesisers, percussion and the vocal harmonies and in parts it has psych overtones. It reaches a climax just before the end then eases itself out. I felt they could have made an even stronger climax but that’s my only negative observation on what is a convincing effort from the three Gothenburgers.

Chivvy is: Amorina Ahlsell – Drums; Alexandra Tortosa - Guitar, vocals; Ester Hilmersson - Lead vocals, Guitar.

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