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  • Andy

Chrome Rhino 🇺🇸 - 'Interstellar Runaway' (single)

Over to Arizona next, with a track I've been looking forward to sharing all week. Four piece band Chrome Rhino have been releasing music since 2020, with an album in 2021, and their music is clever concoction of classic Rock N'Roll, space psychedelia and progressive rock.

Now of course regular readers know my mixed views on releases partly labelled as 'prog rock', but the good news is that this is the 'good type of prog' with new track 'Interstellar Runaway' offering a blazing guitar riff after a cosmic intro, a sense of theatrics in the vocals and an anthemic chorus. But the track really gets going half way through, with searing guitars carrying the track forward, before it twists and turns and careers off to an instrumental climax.

It's the second single of their forthcoming album, and it's a hugely entertaining listen, certainly appealing a little to the 'Cardiacs' musical side of me. The cosmic feel to the tracks are really cleverly conceived too, and you will feel like you're being flung through space as you listen.

You can find them on Facebook and Instagram.


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