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  • David Bentley

Cimòn – MAE (Single)

Cimòn was previously known as Simon Samaeng. He started out singing in a boy band in Västerås, northwest of Stockholm (and he actually recounts that in the opening line of this song), moving on to record music in Los Angeles, then last year made a mark worldwide with his debut single with the perhaps unfortunate title of ‘Final Destination’ (unless he had designs on the next film in that franchise!), amassing over three million streams on Spotify.

The release of his debut EP is set for summer 2020.

‘MAE’ was written by Simon himself and produced by Gino Nano. Simon says, “This song is about letting people know that money ain’t everything. I feel like people nowadays tend to forget things in life that has so much more value than paper. I've always wanted to pull in the urban direction, towards hip-hop and R&B. However, lyrics that are full of bullshit, saying that you have a fat gold chain or a hundred girls, have never interested me. My drive comes from my need to constantly create and develop in my music as an artist.”

Well good on you Simon, that’s refreshing to hear.

It’s one of two reasons – his honesty – that we decided to run this review. The other one is the guitar/drum bridge-cum-outro which brings some much-needed variety to your average hip-hop song, one that is characterised by not particularly imaginative rhyming.

Simon’s vocals are okay, if slightly nasal. There’s something here which tells me that if he can hold to his pledge on musical development and try as far as possible to work ‘outside the box’ of hip-hop he can go on to make a telling contribution.

You can find him on Facebook.


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