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Code Elektro - ‘Wolf’ (live video)

I wrote about Danish synthwave project Code Elektro way back in 2015, which really does seem a world away, with President Obama in The White House and when the big UK news appeared to be the sacking of Jeremy Clarkson over an altercation with a producer over a steak sandwich. Happier times indeed.

There were also gigs everywhere, although I missed far too many, and Code Elektro’s release of their track Wolf, played at a sold out live gig in February this year is a reminder of what we’re all missing.

I never imagined a Code Elektro to be a live ‘band’, but the addition of a guitarist and a drummer creates an added dimension to the synthwave, sci-fi inspired sound, and an intensity which you can feel pulsating throughout the video. The lights help create the atmosphere too, and it looks like their having fun on stage.

Hopefully Code Elektro live gigs will become a feature. Take a look at the footage here.

You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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