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Colorblue (Finland) - ‘He’s Right I’m Left’ (single)

So here’s a cheery melodic indie pop song to warm the hearts on a cold Monday night, and it’s courtesy of Finnish band Colorblue, another band we haven’t covered here at NMR previously.

That’s particularly remiss given that they were actually formed way back in November 2014, the month we launched. They’re a 4 piece based around Mikko (vocals, guitar), Antti (guitar), Benjamin (drums) and Oliver (bass), 1st releasing a single in February 2015 which gained a far bit of attention, and then subsequently releasing an album in 2017, and more recently an EP last year called ‘Side A’.

Now they’re back with a curiously entitled ‘He’s Right I’m Left’, which isn’t a reference to political persuasions in the band I don’t think, but seems to be a good old fashioned relationship song, and to me it has an ‘epic pop rock’ feel, with big swells of melodic sound, instrumental sections which have a flourish to them. I guess I’d reference bands such as The Feeling (or even Keane) in one of their more mellow moments, and that’s definitely meant as compliment given both those bands definitely know how to write a good tune.

Easy listening certainly, and it should grow on you too. We’ll add it to the new NMR playlist, which is sounding pretty fine this month i must say.

'He’s Right I’m Left' is the 1st single from the band’s new album, which will be entitled Side B. Or maybe they’re combining last years EP to make Side A and Side B, we’ll wait and see.

Find them on Instagram or Facebook.

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