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Corduroy (Sweden) - Gråa Dagar (single)

I’ll get the negative out the way early here, because Corduroy is, in my opinion, a rather dull name for an indie band. I’m not offering any better suggestions, but I’d hate to see the names they turned down the night they were in the bar debating it.

But maybe it’s a deliberately unobtrusive name for a band writing dream pop with an effortless ease and an apparent lack of showmanship. It’s just all about the music, and their early collection of singles impressed to the extent that they’re now signed to VÅRØ Records, the excellent independent Swedish label who also have the likes of Mauv and Damen on their roster.

Their music does also have a retro familiarity about it, reminding me of being in a student bar in the 90’s listening to Ride, Slowdive and the many similar bands that came out of that era. And I really don’t mind that it is ‘retro’, because I do like that shoegaze style of music, and Corduroy do it all really well – as demonstrated by new(ish) track 'Gråa Dagar', which has extra helpings of reverb, appealing dreamy vocals courtesy of singer Amanda Wallin and enough melody for it not to get lost amongst the hazy guitars.

Writing about the track, they say the song “…captures the grey parts between the small glimpse of happiness that life can offer you. A theme that you can’t construct because all you know is how to survive in a dingy post-industrial society far away from shiny filters and long lasting joy.”

Nope, I’ve not got a clue what that means either.

But anyway I like this 4 piece band from Norrköping, and apparently a whole album is on the way, which is definitely something to look forward to. They will also be playing the Future Echoes Music Festival in their home city in September.

Find them on Facebook, Instagram or Bandcamp.


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