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døssi - ‘Beloved Sun’ (single)

I’m not going to write much about Norwegian songwriter døssi, because her music really does speak for itself. She’s yet another musician to emerge out of Bergen, home of course to some of our favourite musicians, although she’s actually been around for a couple of years now having released a single entitled ‘Girl’ in 2018, and following that up with another last year entitled ‘Memory Lane’.

During that period she’s made a steady stream of appearances at venues in Bergen, and I should have spotted that she’d appeared at Bergen Sofar Sounds too, as it’s always a great place to spot emerging Norwegian talent. Her version of ‘Girl’ at that intimate gig is outstanding, and possibly more persuasive that the released recorded version,

She now appears to be signed up to the same management company as the likes of Aurora and Sigrid, but her sparse releases in the last couple of years suggest she really has taken her time trying to fine tune her style.

Beloved Sun’ is an expressive, intimate track which suits her vocals perfectly. The background instrumentation and harmonies are subtle, gently infusing themselves into the song, and it’s written at a calm pace that should captivate your attention.

Having listened to all her releases today, ‘Beloved Sun’ is definitely her strongest track to date, and the stripped back style definitely works – as it does in that Sofar Sounds version of ‘Girl’.

'Beloved Sun' was released today through Diamond Club.

Find her on Facebook. And you can find that Sofar Sounds performance here.


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